Emergency Support

If you have a problem with your IT system, whether it’s a PC that’s frozen or a network that’s suddenly gone down, there’s no need to panic: just call LMK IT Solutions.
We’ve identified – and fixed – every kind of IT problem, so the chances are that what’s causing an issue for you is something that we’ve encountered before. So for fast and friendly emergency support, call in the experts.

LMK IT Solutions, know how to diagnose faults and their causes and, where possible, we have the expertise to fix them and put your equipment back to work. Whenever you experience a problem with PC’s laptops or printers, give us a call and we will be happy to help

We have an understanding of the majority of commercial software, including operating systems, office applications so if you have an application failure we probably know what’s causing it – and how to fix it. So if you have software that is not working, or has a recurring bug, call us to find out how we can help.

Sudden failure of a wired or wireless network can have catastrophic implications for most modern businesses, it’s essential to get connectivity back as soon as possible. We are experienced in installing and diagnosing efficient networks – so we understand IT networks and how to get them back up and running. If your network is down, call LMK IT Solutions for fast and effective support.